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February News

Posted on February 18th, 2011.

When I was a boy, my dad knelt beside me in a church service and prayed that God would use my life.  The influence of parents with a focus on God’s will empowers their children. He was so proud of Sally and me.  On January 12, my dad, Jess Vann, passed away.  We know that he believed in the work of African Moons.  We thank you for your prayers.

Bryson Mkumbwa, 2010 Graduate

One of the changed lives we’ve witnessed is Bryson who was among the 2010 Diploma graduates of the Arusha Bible College.  Before he became a Christian he was a gang leader in Tanga, Tanzania, a predominantly Muslim region. Who knows what he might have become if not for the Gospel. God delivered him from that life and he joined a Bible believing church. His pastor is excited to share Bryson’s story. He says Bryson is a new man and his experience at the Arusha Bible College has transformed his life. His experiences on campus have emboldened him in his ministry to the gangs and drug addicts.Bryson has won to Christ more than 15 gang members, most former Muslims and drug addicts.

Arusha Bible College students in session

Arusha Bible College is into 2011. Right now there are 35 excited Freshmen students beginning their first year of study.  Their studies will prepare them for ministry; to reach out and win souls to Christ as Bryson has done!

February 21, I will be traveling to Arusha. Construction was to begin this quarter, however, the American contractor we were counting on is not able to help us. During further contract negotiations, it became clear to us that God is directing me to fill the role of Construction Supervisor.  We thank God that we are halfway to our goal of funds raised to build the dormitory.

Bethel Primary School students

Students of Bethel Primary School, Arusha

Thanks to you, our friends, during this trip African Moons will deliver school supplies to Bethel Primary School, a new sewing machine for the Calvary Sewing Program and wireless microphone systems to Calvary Temple in Arusha, the church started by Paul Bruton in 1958!

Without your prayers and financial support we could not accomplish the fund raising or provide the supplies to the people of Tanzania.

Tanzania for Jesus!      Joel & Sally

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