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Bargain Day

Posted on March 26th, 2011.

During my recent trip to Arusha I was planning on buying a new sewing machine for the Calvary Sewing Program. Pastor Kimaro drove me to Mr. Buttons, a complete sewing shop in the heart of Arusha. The owner of the shop is from Somalia and a wonderful lady. I explained that I wanted to buy a new sewing machine for a girls’s training program at Pastor Kimaro’s church. Pastor told me upon arriving at the shop that “this lady does not negotiate.” After a few minutes of visiting, I began to bargain. Well, she would not budge. So after a few more minutes, I said, “What if I buy two?” Still no discount. I realized I was not going to get her to come down on her price, $180.00 for each Chinese Butterfly Sewing Machine. We agreed on the price and before I paid her I said, “I cannot leave without something added, I need something so that I can feel good about my purchase.” She smiled and said, “I will give you one large spindle of black and one of white thread.” I thanked her and we began to load up the two machines and tables. I left feeling like at least I got something more. I just love to bargain.

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