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May News

Posted on May 20th, 2011.

God is definitely in charge! There is so much change taking place in this world. Governments are changing in the Middle East. Osama Bin Laden is dead. Our own country to going deeper and deeper in debt. Tornadoes and floods seem to be more common-place. What are we supposed to do? The Bible says “LOOK UP!” The Bible also says to occupy until He comes.

This is why African Moons is ministering in Tanzania. These young men are examples of the students committed to taking the Gospel to the lost.

Eric Katenge Ngeiyamu

Eric Katenge Ngeiyamu

Eric Katenge Ngeiyamu is a married student at the Arusha Bible College. He has two children. Before coming to the college, he started a church in the area where he grew up, Muleba District. He came to the college to learn about ministry strategies and to become a better pastor. His desire is to take the Gospel to the people of his village and district.

Pendaeli Ngowi

Pendaeli Ngowi

Pendaeli Ngowi is married with two children. He was born into a family that did not know God. When he accepted Christ, he also experienced a healing in his body. Pendaeli was called into ministry in 2005 but was not able to attend the college until 2009. Now he is in his third year of preparation and training.  His desire is to proclaim the Gospel to unreached people. “I believe by the power of God Who lives and rules forever, that His Kingdom will be built!”

Amen! These two students are committed to following God’s will for their lives and ministries. Sally and I are committed to help them. Thank you for believing and praying with us.

Through the giving of our friends and partners the internet tower is being installed. The next step will be the distribution of the internet to the designated buildings ($3000.00). These steps will make it possible for us to begin an “Electronic Library”!

Pastor George

Pastor George during his visit to the Arusha Bible College

Thanks to our pastor, J. Don George, who has reached out to several pastors encouraging them to be a part of the dormitory project for the Arusha Bible College. We are following up with these men praying that God will move on their hearts to partner with us to build the dormitory. It is imperative that we have additional funds for the dormitory so that once we start we can complete the entire project including furnishings.

We continually thank God for you and pray for His blessings in your life. It is your financial help that makes it possible for us to move forward. Also, “Thank You!” to those who have chosen to give monthly to African Moons. We deeply appreciate you. Please say a prayer that God will bring growth to African Moons as we do the ministry He has placed on our hearts.

Tanzania for Jesus!

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