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September Newsletter

Posted on September 12th, 2019.

Have you ever noticed that the Book of Acts has no ending? Paul is seen in Chapter 28 in his rented house preaching and teaching to all who came to him the things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ with all confidence, no one forbidding him. And the ACTS continue….

As I pondered this truth my thoughts took me to my teenage years in Arusha. I did not understand then that I was experiencing the events of Acts in modern days.

When our family arrived in Arusha we had nothing but a fire burning in Dad to introduce the living God to people who did not know that Jesus was alive, able to heal the sick, raise the dead and deliver them from evil spirits.

I remember the first church service in a little store front downtown Arusha. Mom played the accordion and dad preached to a handful of people. Other curious people stood on the sidewalk looking in the window wondering what was happening. Then four policemen in white uniforms opened the door and sat on the last row of seats and listened to the message of salvation.

When Dad gave the invitation to receive Jesus as Savior, those four officials stood, came forward and knelt in prayer to confess their sins.

At that moment the Full-Gospel message with the fire of Pentecost was ignited. The news that Jesus was alive spread throughout Northern Tanzania at a rapid pace. The Arusha Bible College was established and the first 35 students began to go out to their villages to preach. Signs and wonders followed everywhere they went and still there is no ending.

The ACTS continue – an unexpected encounter happened to me that I call the “Jodi Story”.

One Sunday afternoon, for no reason, I found myself looking in the employment ads of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. I had a great job with terrific benefits along with a company car. I was not looking for a job but this ad caught my attention and I tore it out of the newspaper with no intention of calling the company. But the next morning, my day off, I awakened and thought immediately about the ad that was laying on the coffee table.

Before I knew it, I called and made an appointment for an interview. As I drove to Ft. Worth there was no earthly reason for me to be meeting someone about a job that I didn’t need.

A lovely young lady introduced herself and ushered me to her office. She reviewed my resume and began to ask questions. She looked puzzled and asked, “Why are you here? You have a great job. My thoughts were jumbled, and I had no coherent explanation as to why I was interviewing for a job that I did not need.

Jodi took a deep breath and pointed to one of my previous employers by the name of James Robison. She asked if I knew James and I told her I had worked for him and that my husband, Joel, still worked for him. She thought a moment and then these words flew out of her mouth. She was an agnostic and especially despised Christian television. But, the day before, Sunday morning, James’s TV program had come on in her bedroom and she found herself watching the show. It happened to be the televised wedding of James’s eldest daughter, Rhonda.

Jodi told a sordid tale of a life that was in shambles. She had two young children and she was contemplating a suicide that would look like an accident. She told me that Sunday evening she was in her laundry room finishing up the last load of laundry, when unexpectedly, she found herself on her knees crying. She said, I don’t believe there is a God, but if You exist would you please send someone who knows that man?

I sat next to her desk and said, “Now I know why I’m here.”

Less than twelve hours after Jodi prayed for someone to cross her path that knew James Robinson, I walked into an office and met Jodi.

Three weeks later, Jodi walked the aisle to the altar at our church and received Christ as her Savior.

II Corinthians 3:2 says, …your very lives are a letter that anyone can read by just looking at you. Christ himself wrote it….MSG.

The same Holy Spirit that ignited the 120 believers on the day of Pentecost is alive in each of us and the book that God is writing through you is never ending.

Just look, the ministry that God has given to African Moons is not ending any time soon….

The 8th Annual Golf Tournament is Monday, September 30th. The proceeds from the tournament benefit our partners; the Shalom Center Orphanage and several Government primary schools.

In October you will read about “Christmas in a Box” This project blesses the children of Shalom Center Orphanage and Tanzanian primary schools and children attending private Christian schools.

Then in November we head to Arusha with multiple tasks. We will be attending the 62nd Graduation Ceremonies of the Arusha Bible College! Next we will present “Christmas in a Box” to the children of Shalom Center. During those 10 days, we will also visit the other school children we help in Government and Private schools. As always, we will take school supplies, hygiene items, clothes, toys and sports equipment. Hundreds of kids will be blessed through this outreach.

As God provides, we will break ground for the Phase II Dormitory once the $250k goal is met. Please pray!

Your giving and most of all your prayers are the fuel that makes all of this happen.

Thank you for standing with us and never forget you are an “Unending Book” filling your place, influencing one life at a time.

Tanzania for Jesus!
Joel & Sally

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