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Posted on August 15th, 2011.

Taken from the journals of Helen Bruton, written in her hand writing many years ago…

In the early 1920’s Paul Bruton’s dad, E.J. Bruton, pastored the Assembly of God Church in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Helen wrote in her journal:

…One story that has affected my life especially was after Paul had listened to a returned missionary from Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Paul was all of six years old, and he wasted no time after the service to inform his mother he was going to Africa as a missionary one day.  A dream, a call, a vision…whichever it might have been, it became a reality many years later, and in 1948 Paul glimpsed Africa for the first time.

The captain had told us that after nine weeks on the ship, going ninety miles up the Amazon, two other ports in Brazil, and across the Atlantic, we would see the shoreline of Africa the next morning.

Before the Morning Star had faded, Paul was on deck at the ship’s railing as the sun came into view.

It was an intense feeling that gripped Paul.  It was as though after all those years of anticipation, after Bible School, after marriage and two children and after fifteen years of ministry at home in the U.S.,  he finally had arrived at his real home.

Someone has said it well;  “Home is the will of God.”



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