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February News

Posted on February 8th, 2012.

By faith Sally and I established African Moons in 2008. Here we are at the beginning of 2012. African Moons is now registered in Tanzania! This affords us non-profit status, which allows us to apply for exemption from duty and taxes and many other benefits. Last week, because of our new status in Tanzania as a non-profit NGO (Non-Government Organization), I was able to open a bank account. Each of these steps directly impacts the dormitory project and future projects.

However, the greatest experience was seeing the first floor of the dorm poured and the progress we have made. There is no way we would be at this point without you. You and your prayers carry and encourage us.

As I shared with the students in chapel, God put the thought in my mind that just as He has lifted each of us from the pit of sin. He will also lift this dorm up from the pits that became the foundation. As we gathered around the site and prayed, I thought this is such a huge undertaking for us, just seeing the students touching the framing, the steel and seeing how far we have come, I know God is building this dormitory. We are His hands, we are His feet, ministering to the needs of these students.

I believe you are thrilled as we are to see what is taking place.We know this is not about a building, but about taking the Gospel to the dark hearts of the lost. We want to make a difference in our world. By investing in the lives of these men and women, our love will touch a hurting child, a desperate mom, a struggling father in villages and towns throughout Tanzania. You are partnering with these students. You are investing in their ministries. You are taking the Gospel to the lost through these men and women.

Other opportunities are developing that we believe are a part of our future. But right now we want to focus on the construction of the dormitory. Each phase of construction requires funding, approximately $15,000.00 to $25,000.00. We continue to reach out to pastors and leaders seeking their help. Pray that God moves on their hearts.

In about six weeks we will need to take $25,000.00 for the next phase. You are receiving this letter because you pray, give, love and believe in what God is doing in our lives. All we ask is that you keep doing what youʼre doing. God has the people that will be a part of this wonderful opportunity meeting a need.

Oh how I wish you could be there to see these students and how encouraged they are through the love we are demonstrating to them. Together with the students and you, we agree for this year to be a year of completion. That God does a complete work in your life, in your family, in your business!

Please share this letter with your friends and family. Who knows, they may want to be a part of this exciting ministry to the Tanzanian people.

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