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May News

Posted on May 14th, 2012.

Each day you are blessing the students of the Arusha Bible College. They are seeing the construction of the new dormitory and they know it is happening because people like you are giving and praying. Sally shared last month, the vivid memory of the students singing, “We’ll work till Jesus comes, we’ll work till Jesus comes. We’ll work till Jesus comes and then be gathered home.” That happened in 1961 as they were leaving Arusha for medical treatment for Paul Bruton, her dad. Since that day, the students have kept their promise, with each graduating class committing to take the Gospel to the lost.

God is using you and together we are helping the students obey the Great Commission. Through the role God has given each of us, we are helping to prepare the next graduates for the Harvest.

The dormitory construction is continuing with the walls of the second floor. God spoke to the hearts of people and the needed funds were supplied for this phase of construction! While we were on the plane March 27th to Arusha, God was working!

We were able to give Sanford Kombe, our contractor, the funds for materials and labor. William Geter, Jr. and I confirmed the work and how the funds have been used. We met with electricians and plumbers. We also visited vendors who will help us with the materials for the finishing of the dorm, always looking for the best prices.

One week after returning from Arusha on April 2, Sally and I were in California. We met and spoke with Pastor Chuck Atherton in Tulare, Pastor Carlos Espana in La Puente. Pastor Espana invited us to attend the Southern Pacific Convention in October, with the opportunity to present African Moons to pastors attending the convention.

In Sacramento, we visited with Trinity Life Church and met Mrs. Glen Cole, wife of the late Dr. Glen Cole. We shared with the Missions Committee at Capital Christian Center.

In Fresno, Pastor Mike Bruton interviewed us as part of his Sunday message, “To Be Used of God” and the congregation responded with one of their best missions‘ offerings to help us build the dormitory.

Eight weeks since our last trip, it is time for us to return to Arusha. At the end of this month William Geter, Jr. and I will sit down with the “team” and discuss the next phase of construction that includes the completion of the second floor and the roof. We will also make the final arrangements for the electrical & plumbing phase. The budget for this trip is $5000.00. We deeply appreciate your help with this expense.

Your prayer and support are greatly needed as we look to complete each phase and prepare for the next. The completion of the dormitory is in sight. Thank you for standing with us.

Tanzania for Jesus!

Joel and Sally

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