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January News

Posted on January 15th, 2013.

It seems not too long ago we were all thinking about Y2K and the world going into chaos. Now we are in 2013 and wondering what this year will hold. Remember: GOD IS IN CHARGE OF THIS WORLD! HE is a God of hope and peace and He holds you in the palm of His Hand, He calls you by name!

Psalm 37:13 says; but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he knows their day is coming.

Matthew 6:8 says, Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

We have seen great  accomplishments through all of us working together! By reaching out to friends and churches God has brought us this far by faith!

The 2012 Graduating class of the Arusha Bible College is now preaching the Gospel and leading the lost to salvation! The seeds sown through your giving will yield fruit from these young ministers. The dormitory is 80% complete! Now we must finish the work God placed in our hands!

After receiving permission from the Josephson Institute, we began adapting “Character Counts!” and creating  “Tabia ni Muhimu!” meaning “Character is Important!” to teach values to the children of Arusha. We printed the booklets focusing on “Citizenship” and gave each student their own copy!

In November, the team from Northeast Assembly, Fresno led by Mindy Roseno showed God’s love to the children and Rylie Hilscher conducted the teachers’ training. The entire team was energetic, loving, fun and willing to work and will be remembered by everyone at Ngarenaro Primary School.

The teachers were thrilled and blessed. The local area councilman thanked me for the work we did. What a positive impact they had on everyone! This was an incredible pilot project that was an overwhelming success! Now we have secured an open door to Ngarenaro Primary Government School to continue with the development of the remaining five character booklets.

We depend on you to continue standing with us. God has given us this opportunity and we must do all we can to share His love and Word. Your financial gifts make it possible for us to do this work. We believe and pray for God’s multiple blessings in your life and that 2013 be a year of fulfillment to you of all He has promised!

Tanzania for Jesus!

Joel and Sally

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