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February News

Posted on February 6th, 2013.

Four years ago, sitting at our breakfast table, we made the final decision to begin African Moons. Taking the plunge and applying for a non-profit status was the next step.  In silence, the gravity of the decision was heavy.  Sally said, “What will we feel like if we don’t take this final step?”  We have not looked back.

African Moons

  • Arusha Bible College, $200,000 dormitory that will house 80 students. We are at the final stages of completion. $35,000 is needed for the next phase of plastering and finishing work.
  • Internet Tower erected on campus providing internet access to the Administration offices. Now, no more trips to town to check email! The next goal is to extend access to the Library and Computer Lab and supply new computers.

African Moons Scholarships

  • Sponsorship of students for ministry and teachers training.

Character 101

  • The purpose of Character 101 is to provide foundational teaching to develop children of character and educational opportunities to empower young people. “Character is Important!” the pilot program was introduced to grades one, two and three in Ngarenaro Primary Government School, Maranatha Christian School and Bethel Primary School. We will continue building on these partnerships that God has established.
  • Arusha Sewing Training Program – Partners of African Moons provided funds for sewing machines and supplies to empower young ladies in a vocation that will generate income for their families.

This is all done by faith and prayer. Mom and Dad Bruton lived that way. I asked Sally to share about an experience we witnessed with her mom and dad that I pray will encourage your faith.

“Mom and dad made investments into God’s “retirement plan” and had very little savings in their last years.  Countless times throughout my life, I witnessed the supernatural provision of God.

After Dad’s first stroke, mother managed their business affairs in their last years. The auto insurance was due. The annual premium was approximately $1200. One evening, we prayed together to ask God to help with this need. Leaving their apartment, I began to think how Joel and I could solve the problem. I felt an invisible hand push my thoughts away. My worry disappeared like a cloud evaporating in the blue sky on a sunny day.

The phone rang the next day.  Mom’s excited voice said, “You can’t guess what came in the mail today.” Inside an envelope was a check for the exact amount to pay their auto insurance for one year.  The postmarked envelope was from Sacramento, California and from someone we did not know! Mom and Dad didn’t have earthly wealth but they were rich. I watched how the extravagant faithfulness of their God took care of them until their last breaths.”

Thank you for your faithfulness in giving and praying. We are so blessed by your partnership. It is your prayers that will bring victory. Remember, God is using you to bless each person we reach.  Please join us and pray with a determined and resolute faith for the funds needed to finish the work. We believe that 2013 will be the most productive year to date to accomplish what is in our hearts to reach the people of Tanzania.

Tanzania for Jesus!
Joel & Sally

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