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June News

Posted on June 19th, 2014.

It was a beautiful day in Arusha, birds singing, Piki-Piki’s (125hp motorcycles) zooming in and out of traffic and “Dolla-Dolla” taxis loaded beyond capacity honked horns at pedestrians walking to work.

This daily scene began fourteen hour days for me. But with so much to do, my time was extended to three weeks in order to finalize the plumbing and electrical contracts. Now the crews are all working together with our contractor. In addition, Tanga General, Arusha’s largest building supplier, has given great favor to African Moons, saving us money and offering their expertise. The construction schedule should have the dorm completed in 4 – 6 weeks.


Children’s books donated by Half Price Books were delivered to Ngarenaro Primary School. The “Bags for Books” project is ready to launch. Widows with a small sewing business are making the BOHO BAGS for Character 101. This will help raise funds to provide books for Nagarenaro’s first library. The mothers danced when I paid for our first order. This income will provide food, school fees and shelter for their children.


Before leaving Arusha, I stopped at Calvary Temple, the church J. Paul Bruton built. I was able to see Mama Kimaro, the pastor’s wife and their son Philip. We stood in the center aisle of the church and prayed with tears flowing. Baba Wilson Kimaro, the pastor, was one of the first graduates of the Arusha Bible College. He is now an elder statesman of the Tanzanian Assemblies of God. Just typing this brings me to tears. Until I step onto Tanzanian soil again, I am not really home.


With overwhelming gratitude we thank YOU for your faith in us. In God’s wisdom He has given us this assignment. Soon the dorm will be finished. Because you have walked with us by investing your finances and prayers, eighty-eight students will live in this dorm until Jesus returns to take us Home.

God has always desired to have a people who will hear His voice and do His work. Well, we have answered the call to Tanzania and you have joined us to make it happen. We are seeing the completion of the first major project of African Moons.

In a few short weeks, we will be in Arusha to pay the final bills of the dorm construction, $15,000.00 is what we need. This will require each of us listen to what God asks us to do. Your gift large or small will help us to reach this goal. Please prayerfully ask God what He would have you give to see this project completely paid for.

5 people giving $1000.00 = $5000.00
10 people giving $500.00 = $5000.00       THE GOAL WILL BE MET!
20 people giving $250.00 = $5000.00
Whatever you give will be deeply appreciated. Join with us in prayer to see this great victory. And all the glory will be HIS!

Tanzania for Jesus!

Joel & Sally
PO Box 302,Bedford, TX 76095

i.e. http://www.yoururl.com