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August News

Posted on August 12th, 2013.

“The men and women of Arusha Bible College will impact the world, I am sure. Your work is not in vain because the hope of Africa, and Tanzania in particular, is in trained leaders. You are sowing in the right soil.” Education Director, Rev. Jonas Mkoba of TAG

Lawrence Kamete is from the Masai tribe and it is true that the Masai people are known for their fierceness and the courage to kill a lion with only a spear. Missionaries have worked with the Masai for the past 150 years with little evident response to the Gospel. However, in the last decade, the tribe began accepting Christ in large numbers. It is estimated that almost a quarter of the approximately one-million Masai have converted to Christianity.

One afternoon we sat in the Library at the college and listened to Lawrence tell us his story. We hope you will be encouraged to see what God is doing in one student’s life from the Arusha Bible College.

At the age of 17 Lawrence was busy pursuing his dream of success and wealth. One afternoon he heard the Gospel at an open air evangelistic meeting and gave his life to Christ.  He continued his career path and became a mason. It was in  Zanzibar, the tropical island off the coast of Tanzania, that he worked but was not happy.  A “voice” began to speak to him saying, “This is not what I want you to do.”   The message was so forceful he sometimes thought others heard the voice.


After two years he returned to his home near Arusha.  Lawrence confided in his pastor, Rev. Thobias Lukumbuza, also a graduate of the Arusha Bible College, that a “voice” continued to persistently speak to him giving him no rest. “Are you going to answer me and do what I am asking you to do?”  Wisely, his pastor listened and asked questions, but told Lawrence he could not tell him what to do.  Only God and Lawrence could determine the will of God.

Lawrence fasted four days without food or water. A short time later God told Lawrence the exact location that he was to build a work for God.  Upon this revelation he counseled his pastor again and was told that he must prepare himself.  Pastor Lukumbuza advised him to go to the Arusha Bible College.

A few days before classes began in 2009,  he was riding his motorbike when two trucks hit him. He and his demolished bike were catapulted under one of the trucks.  The truck drivers desperately looked for him. Lawrence crawled from underneath the truck, stood up and was perfectly fine without any injuries.

Lawrence graduated from the Arusha Bible College in 2011.  You, the partners of African Moons provided a scholarship for him to continue with a year of English studies at the Arusha Bible College in 2012.  Now he is studying for his B.A. in Bible and Theology at Dodoma Bible College with the goal of beginning his church planting vision in 2015.

The region Lawrence is directed to open is Kagera, Tanzania. This is in the northwest area of Lake Victoria. He knows that God has a big ministry for him and once the church is planted and grows, his vision is to reach out to the neighboring countries of Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya to impact the people beyond Tanzania with the Gospel News.

“My vision is big! My life belongs to God and He will use me to reach more than Tanzania with the powerful Good News of Jesus,” proclaimed Lawrence.

This is why we are building a dormitory at the Arusha Bible College. Together we are providing a dorm that is an investment in the ministries of each graduate.

Your dollars are working!

  • DORMITORY – Give to the completion of the dorm construction.
  • MONTHLY SUPPORT – African Moons partners contribute monthly to support and meet the needs to operate this ministry.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS – Sponsor a student for as little as $375 a term. One year’s tuition is $1125 for three terms.

“Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” I Corinthians 15:58

Send your designated gift today! Tell us your victories and send us your requests. We enjoy the times we sit at our breakfast table and pray for you.

Tanzania for Jesus!

Joel & Sally

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