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July Newsletter

Posted on July 30th, 2021.

The calendar for the next six months is full!  Trips to Arusha are scheduled in August and in  November for our annual “Christmas in a Box” project. In addition, in November we will celebrate the 63rd Northern Bible College graduation with 52 students graduating. We look forward to the steps God has laid out for us as we finish 2021.

Recently, we recently drove to Mabank, Texas and shared a report with Pastor Duane Miller and his wife Joylene at Pinnacle Church. Sally and Joylene were schoolmates at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya. Joylene’s parents, the Norm Correll family, were also missionaries at the same time Sally’s parents were in Tanzania. The Millers now pastor Pinnacle Church in Mabank, TX. Pinnacle Church is an active fellowship supporting the outreaches of African Moons. They always participate in our annual Golf Tournament which is coming up on September 27th. 

Just this week we received a report from Principal George James and Northern Bible College. Here are some excerpts; 

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for standing with us in this year. We are very much thankful to prayer and great support for this center. NBC has 132 students and among them 17 are studying through scholarships provided by African Moons. 

From January to this moment classes have been wonderful and very practical for ministry. Students have planted churches and preached the Gospel to communities. Many have come to Christ in this half of the year. 

Computers and WiFi service paid by African Moons is a great help to students and teachers in doing research and getting information. Propane gas is helping in cooking food for students. Students are enjoying their life in Bruton Dorm. 

As days are moving, the number of students is increasing because this time is revival times to our church. One of our classes of Second Year students takes their class in the Chapel Auditorium  because no room is enough for them. We really thank God for calling many in these last days. 

We expect to have a wonderful graduation in the first week of November whereby 52 students will be graduating and going to plant new churches and take care their ministries. 

We ask you to continue praying for the Bible School to progress the vision of Paul Bruton who founded this school many years ago. Thank you for your goodness always.”

Principal George James

What a privilege and blessing to our entire family that the fruits of the Bruton’s ministry are ever increasing! We are thrilled and challenged to be a part of this powerful legacy! 

Phase II Dormitory update:

The storeroom is built and ready to house construction materials. Unfortunately, we could not work out acceptable terms with the first contractor. That required us to secure additional bids and now we have selected the contractor for the dormitory project. We expect to get things moving in the next few days. It has been recommended that I wait until the foundation is prepped before going to Arusha. That means traveling out before the cement is poured and being on site for the pouring of the foundation. We believe that this delay is all part of God’s protection and keeping us from any “issues”. 

We urgently request your prayers and support as we work through the last half of 2021. We know that “God is previous”, C.S. Lewis, and we can trust HIM! 

Tanzania for Jesus! 
Joel & Sally

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