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December News

Posted on December 16th, 2014.

Dear Tom,

Christmas is fast approaching! It’s the time of year we focus on the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. This is one “holiday” that is not confined to the United States. Everywhere around the world families will celebrate Christmas. But for so many it will be just a day of gifts and dinner with family and friends. And that is all good, but the “BEST” is celebrating Jesus Christ! We are so glad that we know the true meaning of Christmas. It is Merry Christmas not Happy Holidays.

The Dormitory has electricity! Thank you from the depths of our hearts for loving us and helping us be a blessing to the people of Tanzania! The local contractor is verifying all systems before we schedule our return for the final walk through in January. William Geter, Jr., our project manager, felt it would be more cost effective to have the local contractor verify that all systems are operable before we arrive. This way any issue can be resolved without us waiting for the corrections. We have had to be patient but it has also given us time to research the furnishing of the dormitory.


We have found the most cost effective way to furnish the dorm rooms. $18,920.00 will provide a closet, desk, bed and bedding for 88 students! This breaks down to $215.00 per student.

Ten Students…$2150.00 Gift

Five Students…$1075.00 Gift

Three Students…$645.00 Gift

One Student…$215.00 Gift


Whatever you can give will be combined with others to meet this critical need. The dormitory won’t be complete without furnishing it! We know it is in your heart to help make this happen for each of the 88 students. Thank you for all your giving and prayers.

Our grandsons had a terrific football season. Number 88; Joel played on Euless Trinity Varsity as a sophomore, which is quite an accomplishment for this nationally known high school. The coaches had him prepared to play tight end, right guard and left tackle. Here he is blocking. Needless to say, everyone expects great things for him. 

Number 48; Caleb started as tight end and was unanimously voted to First Team in this competitive North Texas district. He had a fantastic season as a Junior and is already being scouted by college scouts.

Olivia, already 10, has enjoyed her basketball, volleyball seasons as well as choir and her brothers’ football games.

We love you and wish you a Merry Christmas!

Joel & Sally

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