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February Newsletter

Posted on February 12th, 2015.

A few days ago a letter arrived. We read it with tears because not only has Jerry Wear stood with African Moons since our beginning but our friendship goes back to the days we all worked together for Rex Humbard over 30 years ago.

Jerry sat with Mom and Dad many times when they moved to Ohio and listened to stories about their years in Africa. He caught the fire that consumed them with love for their sons and daughters in Africa. When Dad’s health broke, Jerry was there to help them adjust to a “forced retirement”. He remembers one morning when Dad disappeared. For two hours, our small search party drove the streets of Cuyahoga Falls. A few months earlier Dad had suffered his first stroke. The doctor was adamant that he should not drive but that did not stop Dad that morning. Finally, we decided it was time to call the police. Just as I started to pick up the phone, it rang.

“Is this Sally Bruton?” a friendly, perky voice asked. “I’m a ticket agent for American Airlines at Akron-Canton Municipal Airport,” she said. “A tall man with a crew cut is standing at my counter and he is insistent . It is difficult to understand him but I think he wants to buy a ticket to Africa with a Social Security check.”

Until Dad’s last breath he dreamed of returning to East Africa. His wishes were to be buried in the soil of Africa, where he had planted so much seed to bring a harvest for God.







We share Jerry’s letter with you as an encouragement and a thank you for those of you who are supporting and giving sacrificially to African Moons.

Dear Sally and Joel,

Your recent letter about Paul and Baba touched my heart. I can see Paul placing his foot on the desk of the jealous pastor and God in His sovereignty intervening to grow the church.
I believe in the foundation of faith in the Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ that Paul laid for the Bible School. From the stories you and Helen have shared over the years tells me the ‘heritage of faith’ still lives on at the school.

I have invested in the Arusha Bible College because it is sending out more Pastors and teachers to carry the Gospel to their brothers and sisters in a way that foreign missionaries cannot. Paul saw this need many years before the church leaders when he started the school out of his own pocket. I believe that I and all who invest in the school share in the harvest that comes from the work of every Bible School student who goes into ministry part time or full time as a result of the teaching and spiritual growth they receive at the Bible School.

Surely there are 18 people who will join with me to quickly finish this project which has been fraught with many obstacles over these years since we started. Satan doesn’t want it completed but he can’t stop what God has started.

Enclosed is my gift of $1000.00 along with my prayer that at least 17 more people will give at least that amount to put us over the top for the Glory of God. May God intervene in our own lives to raise us up as people who will pray, stand up boldly for His work and give from the abundant blessings we receive from His Hand.

Yours for raising up Christian leaders,
Jerry Wear

February 21, Joel leaves for Arusha to finalize everything with the contractor and turn the keys for the dorm over to the college. As of today $8,000.00 has been given for furnishing the dorm rooms. As soon as the remaining funds are received, we will place the order with our vendor. All that is needed to complete this project is $10,900.00 and the furnishings will be shipped to Tanzania.

One student…$215.00 Gift

Three students…$645.00 Gift

Five students…$1075.00 Gift

Ten students…$2150.00 Gift

“You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” II Timothy 2: 1-2

This Scripture was Dad’s constant admonition to his sons in the Faith. It was his last wish and was read at his Memorial Service in 1996.

Tanzania for Jesus!
Joel and Sally

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