Opportunity Meeting The Need

African Moons



Posted on March 13th, 2017.

We help feed kids in an orphanage, the Shalom Center located in Arusha. Through your donations we are able to help provide them a place to live. Your donations also help pay their school fees. The children come from various backgrounds. Some are abandoned, some are brought by their parents who ┬ácan’t provide for them, many have been living on the streets. But now they are in a loving, safe environment.

Every day 88 students at the Northern Bible College are enjoying Bruton Dormitory. Your donations helped construct a new dormitory. Your donations provided showers, new beds, bedding, desks, chairs, wardrobes – all new!

Students are benefitting from African Moons academic scholarships – for Northern Bible College and also for students pursuing a four-year degree in Ministry or Business.

Internet service is provided to the staff of Northern Bible College through your donations. Eliminating the need to go to an internet cafe just to check and send emails or for research.

What this means is that everyday funds are needed for any and all of these projects. Funds are needed to continue upgrading the facilities of the Northern Bible College. This includes new computers for the Computer Lab, a new sound system for the Chapel, teachers’ housing, upgrading the existing electrical system and an additional dormitory. Sometimes the focus is classroom textbooks or children’s library books. There are always requests from pastors for “ministry tools” such as sound systems, amplifiers, keyboards, etc.

Every communication from African Moons is based on demonstrating God’s love to the people of Tanzania and sharing the Good News. The PROJECT is to take a young person, train them and prepare them to follow their dreams. This begins with children in primary schools, both public and private Christian schools. But it also includes students who are preparing themselves for business careers or ministry. That’s who we are, that’s what we do. That’s what we will be doing when Jesus comes.

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