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January Newsletter 2016

Posted on January 22nd, 2016.

As the world is in travail, speak these words, “God is still in control”.

A few days ago God put in my heart this message.  “Be alert! Be ready!”  In my dream I came upon a crowd where a man with a large knife was about to sacrifice three people.  He told them in order to receive eternal life they must sacrifice their lives.  I yelled out.  “No, there has already been a sacrifice!”  The man lunged at me with his knife but missed.  These words came from my heart, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes on Him will not perish but have everlasting life.”  John 3:16   The power of that “Word” calmed the chaos.  I then led a prayer to accept God’s promise of eternal life.  This is my first experience of a dream that was a direct message from God.  

I awakened alert in my spirit to the message God gave to me.  Hebrews tells us that the “Word of God is quicker and sharper than any two-edged sword.”  It was the Word in my dream that stopped the man with the long knife. The message is “Be equipped with the Word of God.”  Be ready, because whatever we encounter in 2016, God will have already been there.  C.S. Lewis says, “God is always previous.” Be Alert! Be Ready! God is in control!

The year 2015 ended with great celebration.  The dormitory on the campus of the Arusha Bible College was dedicated to the Lord with a shout of triumph that shook the Heavens.  A great crowd of students and worshippers surrounded the dorm with praises for the great things God has done. One of the teachers told Sally the dorm was like a “beautiful hotel”.



DSC_0880 DSC_0899

Without your love towards us and the people of Tanzania this miraculous victory would not have been completed.  If you had not given it would have been impossible for God’s plan to be fulfilled.  The result, of course, is eternal life for thousands that will be reached in villages and cities across Tanzania and beyond. 

Opportunities abound for African Moons. There are additional needs on the campus of the Arusha Bible College. The street children of Shalom Orphanage desperately need monthly support to meet their needs. The door is open wide to help children in the government and private primary schools who are eager to learn. Sound systems and instruments are needed to equip evangelists who hold crusades in the remotest parts of the country and there are scholarships to be awarded to help educate men and women. 

There is a small dorm at the college named Ebenezer. The bathrooms and showers have rotted and are unusable. We are compelled to address this ASAP. The plan is to remove all existing plumbing and fixtures replacing the toilets, showers, doors and urinals. We also plan to install a water heater and supply tank.  For $15,000 we can change these conditions and provide new bathroom facilities.  We will make a trip to Arusha to secure the contractor for this project and are praying we will have the funds in hand to get the project underway.  

Believe with us for God to once again divinely intervene and provide $15,000 for this need.


We know it is vision with faith that accomplishes great things. We also know that God uses people and that without faithful partners the work would not get done. Thank you for walking with us. Your love, prayers and giving enable us to continue taking the steps the Lord reveals to us.

Tanzania for Jesus!

Joel & Sally

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