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June Newsletter

Posted on June 30th, 2020.

“You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world. God is not a secret to be kept. We’re going public with this, as public as a city on a hill.” Matthew 5:14 MSG

The light that Christ has given to us is to be shared with those in darkness. As we walk out our faith, our purpose is to reflect God’s love and life. His message is not to be kept internally, but shared externally. That is what you are helping us do.

Now the latest from Arusha,

Bible College Principal George James reports that they have begun the second term of studies! They are taking all necessary Covid precautions and ask for our continued prayers.

A Bible College scholarship student wrote:

“Thank you very much and now we have started the semester. May God give you great strength for what you did for me.”


Peter was married this past December. This is his wife Lidya. While attending Northern Bible College, they are ministering to street children in Arusha. Please pray for them as they share the love of God.

Shalom Centre Update:

In the middle of May, Director Golden sent a request for help. “We are humbly asking for another support of study at home costs. The students are having a difficult challenge with their studies because the only computers available to them are staff computers.”

He requested any assistance we could give so that they could purchase two computers for the children to use. Praise God! We were able to send $3000 to Shalom Centre. This purchased two Dell OptiPlex 3070 computers, monitors, software, Printer and battery backup. They are working with one of our vendors in Arusha and will also have internet within two weeks.

There are many programs for the children approved by the Ministry of Education; School Direct, Smart Class, Maktaba (Library) by TETEA (Empowering Tanzanians through Education), and many more online learning tools. Schools also provide subjects and assignments for children to do during this time through emails and social media.

Thank you Partners! You made this happen! The children are thrilled and so are we. You are making a powerful impact on these children’s lives.

Covid-19 cases in Tanzania are declining and the Government has resumed classes for colleges and universities. Nine of the young people have returned to their college. These are attending college through scholarships provided by our friends, Alonzo Fox Scholarships.

Together let us pray for our hurting world and letting our lights shine. Thank you for your continued giving and prayers, we depend on them.

Tanzania for Jesus!
Joel & Sally

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