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May Newsletter

Posted on May 25th, 2021.

When African Moons began assisting the Shalom Centre Orphanage, the goal was to help educate the orphans and give them an opportunity to succeed in life. Your partnership has made it possible for Shalom Orphans to attend school and to have a future. African Moons donated “start up funds” so Vaileth and Joyce could start a business. They are just two children now young adults who are succeeding as the result of your investment.

“Vaileth Beauty Salon” Vaileth was raped at 16 and put out by her family. Shalom Centre took her in. She gave birth to a little girl, Angel. Today she has her own shop!

“Joyce Tailoring Mart” Joyce was rescued from a forced marriage at the age of 15. Shalom Centre and the Government worked together to rescue her. Since graduating from Trade School, she has opened her own tailor shop. Her business has grown this first year. Now she is expanding to meet the demands of her customers. 

When I visited the Special Needs children I was welcomed with signs and smiles. Esther, a teacher, is pictured demonstrating an “Etch-a-Sketch at Uhuru Primary School. They have in their Special Needs department 103 students and just 6 teachers.

Meru Primary School teaches the Hearing Impaired children.They have 61 students and 14 teachers. These children are doing most of their work on computers. We have an opportunity to take software programs that will run on PC’s.

PHASE II DORM: SITE CLEARING WAS COMPLETED! Due to the delay of the pandemic, costs have escalated and now the projected cost is $550,000. We are hopeful that we can stay between $450k and $500k. We have selected our team of engineers, surveyors and contractors. Now the contracts are being written for this first phase – the foundation. I intend to be there for the pouring of the cement for this phase. We are standing on the promise of First Chronicles 28:20 – The LORD GOD is with you! He will not forsake you until all the work for the service of the house of the LORD is finished. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND GIVING! 

Tanzania for Jesus!
Joel & Sally 

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