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November Newsletter

Posted on November 3rd, 2015.

It was evening on the Serengeti and the sounds of Africa surrounded me. The flames from the torches lighted the path as I walked with Joel to meet other members of the Bruton family for dinner. By an amazing act of God, nine Brutons make the journey to attend the 50th anniversary of the Arusha Bible College in 2008 at the invitation of the Tanzanian Assemblies of God. 

My younger brother Mike and I reveled in seeing the beauty of God’s creation through the eyes of the grandchildren of Paul and Helen Bruton . They had never been to Africa and when their feet touched the dust of our beloved Tanzania, they began to understand the heritage of faith their grandparents left them.



“Hurry up,” Joel said. “Someone is waiting in the lounge to meet us. He says his name is Paul.”

A tall man was waiting to see us. He introduced himself as Paul Mayla, “I am Simon’s son, his first born. I am named Paul in honor of your father. Images flew across my mind of his father Simon. I was 13 years old when Simon found Christ. He was one of the first converts in 1958 and attended the first class of the Arusha Bible College.

Arusha Bible Students 1960October_Web_letterSimon could sing bass and the deep acapella harmonies of the students rang through my

mind as I looked into the face of Simon’s son. The last song I heard the students sing when we said goodbye in 1962 was, “We’ll work till Jesus comes and then be gathered home.” Mike was 8 years old when he, Dad and Simon fished the glacier streams of Mt Kilimanjaro for German Brown Trout. Many times, Simon carried Mike on his shoulders to keep him warm and out of the icy water.  

The next morning, hundreds of miles from Arusha, people from all over the world loaded their bags and camera gear into their respective Land Cruisers. I stood by Paul, who was a Safari guide for another tour company. “Paul, I asked, How does something like this happen after all these years?” He replied, “It was on God’s calendar.”

Do you have God appointed promises that you are waiting for God to fulfill? Don’t give up. God’s calendar does not match our Day Timers. But know that if God has put something in your heart to believe for, He will do it in His time. DSC_0007

November 7th we will celebrate the dedication of Bruton Dormitory! We will also be in attendance for the 2015 Graduation Ceremonies. You have made this victory possible with your investments into the vision of African Moons. 

DSC_0450We are traveling with partners of African Moons with suitcases stuffed with school supplies, toy animals, sports jerseys, volleyballs nets and balls, badminton equipment and lots of love. 

Please continue standing with us through your prayers, monthly support and investments into the projects that God presents to us. The needs of the Arusha Bible College and students DSC_0372continues to urge our hearts to action. God has also given us many opportunities to minister to the children of the Arusha area. Government schools are open to us. And recently God moved on our hearts to provide funding to an orphanage just outside of Arusha that takes in street children and orphans. They currently provide a home to 45 children! The partners of African Moons made it possible for us to take care of their financial needs for this last quarter of 2015. 

We hope you can get a glimpse of the opportunities to meet the needs of men, women and children that cross our paths, together we are demonstrating the love and power of God in Tanzania! We love and appreciate you and your faith in us to be servants of God. 

Tanzania for Jesus!

Joel and Sally

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