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September News

Posted on September 12th, 2014.

We are BETTER TOGETHER! Caring for one another, communicating with each other and putting others before ourselves.

Because you have cared for others, the dormitory is nearly finished. William Geter, Jr., project manager, reports there are some final tasks that must be done. The major task belongs to Tanesco, the local power provider. We are waiting on them to install a power pole and new electrical meter. All the pumps, water heaters, electrical systems must be tested. Tanesco is holding things up. Let’s pray they get with it!

Through “communication”; letters, phone calls and videos our hearts have expressed the call of God, the heart of God and the opportunity to meet needs in Tanzania. In turn, you have communicated your desire to be a part of changing the lives of children and adults in Tanzania.

Many times you have put the needs of others ahead of your own. Instead of thinking of yourself, you saw the needs of others. And now the dormitory is a reality for the students of the Arusha Bible College.

Through prayers and appeals, funds have come in to pay Tanga General for the supplies and materials. Praise God we are able to pay the invoices – just over $13,000.00! We are expecting a few more charges as things wind down and know that God will provide.

William Geter, Jr. and I are expecting to head to Arusha once the electrical tasks are completed. At that time we will be able to test all the utilities and go through a final walk-through. A one time gift towards the travel expenses would be wonderful. Airfares are per person, $1900.00 round trip from Dallas. Expenses in Arusha will be about $2000.00; $2500.00 has been given towards total of $6000.00. Your gift, large or small will help meet this need.

We all know that God uses people to bless people. Your hands have been right there in Arusha, building those walls, running cable, laying tiles. Through partnering with African Moons, you are partnering with the Arusha Bible College. You are blessing the students and teachers.



It is your monthly giving that enables us to do the ministry of African Moons in Tanzania.


God gave us this assignment. It has taken each of us doing what God required to reach this point. As we have all heard; “Some are sent and some are the Senders.” We thank God for you daily!

When you receive this update, give thanks to God for His many blessings. And if you are not investing monthly into African Moons, please pray about joining with others who are making a difference in Tanzania. Partnerships give us the means to do the works of Him Who has sent us.

Tanzania for Jesus!

Joel & Sally

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