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J. Paul Bruton Sr. Missionary (1915 - 1996)

J. Paul Bruton Sr.

About J. Paul Bruton Sr.


J. Paul Bruton Sr. grew up in Arkansas. At the age of six, he told his parents that he would be a missionary to Africa.

Graduating from Southwestern Bible School in 1934, he married Helen Grant, from Sherburn, Minnesota and began his ministry of evangelism and pastoral assignments in the United States. In 1948 he was appointed by the Assemblies of God Foreign Missions Board to Nigeria, West Africa.

Paul was visionary and the word “cannot” was not often used in his vocabulary. Upon arriving in Rahama, Nigeria he bought a horse for transportation, until his 1948 Chevy arrived by ship from the America. He began taking the Gospel to villages and would spend days in the bush preaching.

He spent the rest of his life working and evangelizing across the continent of Africa. He established Bible schools and churches. He provided tools from bicycles to Bibles to train and equip pastors and lay workers from West Africa to East Africa.

His passion and deep love for the people of Africa inspired many to serve in missionary and humanitarian efforts. Assist International, founder Bob Pagett, www.assistinternational.org Wayne Frances of Calcutta Mercy Ministries, www.buntain.org and Lorne Cunningham, founder of YWAN, Youth With a Mission www.youthwithamission.org are but a few influenced by his passion to invest their talents and gifts to serve and reach the world with God’s message of hope.

Death has not silenced Paul Bruton. From his heart he set burning fires in innumerable other hearts who continue to spread the “good news” of hope to the people of Africa and beyond.