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Helen Grant Bruton (1914 - 2008)

Helen Grant Bruton

About Helen Grant Bruton


In 1931, at the age of seventeen, Helen Bruton made a decision that would set her life’s course. With forty dollars and a heart full of determination, she left her home in Minnesota to attend Southwestern Bible College in Enid, Oklahoma.

At Southwestern, she met Paul Bruton. Dating was not allowed so they spoke only occasionally. In one conversation, he told her he was going to Africa as a missionary and if she wasn’t willing to go with him there was no reason to pursue a relationship. That was the only marriage proposal she received. They were married the day after graduation in May, 1934.

Fourteen years later, she arrived at her first home in Rahama, Nigeria. Her house was made of mud, a thatched roof, with no running water or electricity. The first year in Rahama, she gave birth to her third child, Mike and sent her first born son, Paul Jr., to boarding school.

With a pioneer spirit inherited from a German immigrant mother and with the wanderlust “genes”
from a great uncle who headed to the Wild West during the Gold Rush, she was fitted to be the perfect complement to her husband who took her to live among some of the most primitive tribes in Africa.

Helen Bruton had one mindset, one heart, one goal and one path; that was to walk with her God. She gladly gave her heart and life for the people of Africa and took her last breath knowing that she fulfilled God’s plan and purpose for her life.