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“And although I see few results, future missionaries will see conversions following every sermon. May they not forget the pioneers who worked in the thick gloom with few rays to cheer except such as flow from faith of the precious promises of God’s Word.” David Livingstone, Missionary/Explorer (1813 -1873) The morning of February 18, 2018, I awakened to hear the news that Billy Graham had died. Memories immediately filtered back to 1960 when Billy Graham came to East Africa to hold two crusades. One of ...

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When Sally met Billy Graham

In 1960, when Billy Graham held his first crusade in Kenya, my younger brother, Mike and I were attending Rift Valley Academy at Kijabi, Kenya. Rift Valley Academy is a boarding school for American missionary children. Mike was in 4th grade and I was a junior in high school. For many missionary families, boarding school was the best alternative for their children. Mike and I were separated from Mom and Dad four months at a time. There were distinct advantages to being educated with an American educational curriculum as well as having the socialization amongst one’s peers. However, the adjustment of being separated from home and the daily love of one’s parents...

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