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It was a long night and sleep was not my friend. About 3 AM I got up from bed and sat in my comfortable living room chair. My mind was cluttered with thoughts and worries. I began to sort through the things bothering me. As I listed them on a notepad, a calm began to take over my heart. I picked up my Bible. It was one of my mother’s Bibles that dad had given her about 40 years ago. It fell open to Psalm ...

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Bible teacher, Peter Lord, has challenged me through my spiritual journey.  Recently,  he was driving past a billboard advertising a Florida lottery for a $60 million  jackpot.  He sincerely prayed to God, “Lord, give the numbers, and I’ll give every penny to missions.” He admitted that he really believed God would give him the numbers.”  He received this answer from the Lord. “If I thought gold could change the world, I would have sent gold instead of my Son.” I was a tenth grader at Rift Valley Academy, a boarding school for missionary kids in Kenya, when I heard about treasure from God’s viewpoint. The cool evening breezes turned chilly the evening of the Junior-Senior banquet. The winds blew down the 7200′ Kenya Highlands on their wa...

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