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It was a beautiful day in Arusha, birds singing, Piki-Piki’s (125hp motorcycles) zooming in and out of traffic and “Dolla-Dolla” taxis loaded beyond capacity honked horns at pedestrians walking to work. This daily scene began fourteen hour days for me. But with so much to do, my time was extended to three weeks in order to finalize the plumbing and electrical contracts. Now the crews are all working together with our contractor. In addition, Tanga General, Arusha’s largest building supplier, has given great favor to ...

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In recent days folks have asked how the name “African Moons” came about. The name “African Moons”, was chosen because of an experience Helen Bruton, my mother, had the first year our family lived in Africa.  Throughout her life she experienced divine intersections when she prayed in the dark hours of the night and watched the moon.  Maybe, as you read this account of her surrender to the will of God, you also will hear that “still small voice”.   36 African Moons Sally Bruton Vann       Alone, she looked out her bedroom window into the dark night of Africa.  The intense heat of the sub-Sahara sun had eased and the quiet peace of the night hovered around our mud house.  The mesmerizing sound of the old owl hooting from the palm tree outside our fr...

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