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As you know I just returned from Arusha on Father’s Day. It is always incredible to walk onto the campus of Northern Bible College and see the ongoing construction. The 3rd floor is being constructed right now. I was blessed to be visited by National Director of Education for the Tanzania Assemblies of God, Jonas Mkoba. As we stood on the 3rd floor he expressed the following message of gratitude to you! NATIONAL DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION TAG JONAS MKOBA JUNE 16, 2022 NORTHERN BIBLE ...

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At the time of this picture I knew we were going to be working in the dark. I am in Arusha, Tanzania overseeing the construction of Phase II Dorm for the Northern Bible College. You remember that it was started by Sally’s mom and dad, Paul and Helen Bruton. It is an honor that God has given us to build on the foundation they laid here. The task is not easy, but God is on our side. The team that God has brought together for this assignment has been incredible. They have worked faithfully, always with the knowledge that this is God’s work. In order to pour the slab for the next floor of this three story dorm, the crew worked 15 hours straight. Once our ce...

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