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These are days of uncertainty and chaos in our world. The Apostle Paul tells us to: “Make the most of every chance you get. These are desperate times.” Ephesians 5:16

Let us introduce you to Yuster Njau. We met her fourteen years ago when she was the Principal of Ngaranaro Primary Government School.

Every November when we went to Arusha for the “Christmas in a Box” project, we took books, sports equipment and other items to this primary school. Yuster has since been promoted to “Supervising Officer”. She oversees five primary schools and one secondary school. Each primary school has a Special Needs department and Yuster has made great attempts to bring assistance to these children.

Yuster and her husband Simon have embarked on a courageous journey. Two years ago they founded their own NGO, “Safe Home for Children with Disabilities”. Their mission is to provide educational and social support to children in their neighborhood who are unable to attend school.

They are renting a house providing socialization and development for five children and conducting home visits to twenty-five children. They are also enrolling children in the local schools; the parents did not think they could go to school or were ashamed to take them. Yuster is doing her best to educate these parents and give these children an opportunity to learn.

Yuster is also a member of our African Moons Tanzania (NGO) Board of Directors. Last November at our annual board meeting, we unanimously agreed to help Yuster and her husband, Simon in this outreach. The amount needed is $300.00 a month. This contributes to the rent, teaching materials and four staff. They are helping children who are visually or hearing impaired and children with cerebral palsy or autism.

This past year, Yuster celebrated her birthday by purchasing a special flour for the children. She said, “I celebrated my birthday today by providing nutritious flour for our children. This day has been good to me. I feel so happy.” This act of love demonstrates the love she and Simon have for these children.

Reviewing the past fifteen years, we continue to be amazed at all that God has done through African Moons and our partners.

  • Shalom Centre Orphanage Food Budget – $3000.00 quarterly
  • Shalom and Northern Bible College Scholarships – $25,000.00 annually
  • Northern Bible College Computer Lab – $12,000.00
  • Antioch Missionary Center – $2700.00 to pay off the land for the church
  • Two Dormitories and furnishings – over $1,000,000.00
  • Campus driveway pave stone – $20,000.00
  • “Christmas in a Backpack Project – $20,000.00 annually

Here is what we need to go to Arusha in July – $4760.50

We plan to take winter hats, blankets, disposable diapers, disposable gloves, toys designed for special needs children and at least one wheelchair specifically for a special needs child. All of these donations are in storage waiting to be delivered.

Your support is not just a donation. It is a lifeline for these children. Your contribution can make a real difference in their lives.

Tanzania for Jesus!
Joel & Sally

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