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“YOU HAVE TRANSFORMED THIS CAMPUS!” These are the words spoken by Director of Education, Exaud Lisulile and Principal Charles Kingu. The Arusha Bible College started by Paul and Helen Bruton in 1958 has become Northern Bible College a CONFERENCE CENTER! Setting up the beds, assembling the wardrobes and desks has made such an impact that you have to see it

The weekend I arrived there was a MISSIONS CONFERENCE! Seventy Pastors were in attendance and guess where they stayed? Paul Bruton Dorm. They carried their own bedding and had plenty of room. This would not have been possible without the dorm you made a reality!

Two weeks later, I met with National Youth Director Pastor Alex and some of his team. They have a national vision for the young people of Tanzania. It includes their own retreat center that would include a vocational training center for those who do not attend college.

Over 1000 young people gathered at Northern Bible College! 700 young girls stayed in Paul Bruton Dorm. Again, they brought their own bedding and loved the new dorm. The boys stayed in Bruton Dorm and others slept in classrooms. This could not have happened without the new dorm. They finally had a place to go that was safe and secure – not spread out at other churches and having to be transported to a meeting place. It all took place at Northern Bible College! Plus that poor cow purchased for $65.00 was the evening meal. Yes, butchered and barbecued.

Another highlight was running into Pastor Elijah Mwambela at the Missions Conference. He graduated from Northern Bible College in 2016. He evangelized for four years and was led to plant a church in Maji ya Chai ( Water like Tea). In November 14, 2020 I met him on the property he wanted to buy. Unfortunately, I had no funds to give him as we were focused on the second dorm.

I did not see him again until this trip. I hugged him and asked how he was doing. I felt such compassion for him, I was afraid he had given up. But he beamed and said they are doing well. He asked me to join them that Sunday for service. It was wonderful to meet his congregation and enjoy the service. I interviewed him and his wife Judith after service. Of the $8000.00 asking price for the land, they have paid $5300.00. I immediately said we would help him raise the $2700.00 to pay off the land. Partners saw the interview on FB and gave $1500 and I presented it to him before heading home. We just need $1200.00! Once they own the land they will begin to build a permanent building – Antioch Missionary Center!

When I visited Shalom Centre I was able to give them the funds for the 2nd Quarter food budget, $3000.00. Thank you partners for making this possible!

The miracle of receiving a Customs Exemption for the dorm furniture made it possible for pave stone to be laid in the entire area in front of the dorm. What a huge difference! We thank God for this beautiful touch! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE TO MAKE ALL THIS POSSIBLE! KEEP PRAYING AND GIVING – MORE TO COME!

Tanzania for Jesus!

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