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Christmas in a BackPack time is here!

It all began in 2017 when we decided to take a few things to the Shalom kids for Christmas.

At that time, Shalom had taken in about forty children without loved ones or parents. The struggle of the early days of the orphanage has grown and today, we are going to prepare onehundred-sixty-nine Backpacks for each one of the Shalom family.

Unbelievably, we can still fill a Backpack for the same amount of $35.00 each.

Just $35.00 will fill a Backpack with clothes, hygiene items, school supplies, a toy, and candy. Each pack is individualized with the name of each child.

November 1st, we leave for Arusha. We plan to deliver one-hundred-sixty-nine Backpacks on Saturday, November 11th.

You can join in the JOY of making an experience to remember for these kids. Some will receive a gift for the first time in their lives. October is the month of preparation. The shopping begins and the Backpacks are filled and will be ready to go November 1. There are always extra baggage fees, so please send your best gift!

Many of you have been African Moons partners for this project since the beginning and you have always come to our rescue for this benefit. Some are new partners and will experience this blessing for the first time. Children like these two have not experienced Christmas like this before. Your gift will make Christmas in a Backpack possible for children like these…

Together, let’s make 2023 the best year yet!

The furniture funds have come in for 80 Students! The need remains for 136 students’ furnishings – $200 per student. Continue praying for this need to be met.

Tanzania for Jesus!
Joel & Sally

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